Monthly Archives: April 2014

Meet in the Middle! April 26 in Morro bay

North met South in a peaceful and agreeable manner at the California LGC Chapter meeting, last Saturday April 26 in Beautiful  Morro Bay California.  In the morning we released rounds downrange together at the San Luis Obispo Sportspersons Association Facility.

What an impressive place. If you are a benchrester you would swoon at the sight of the heavy concrete shooting benches on thick  welded steel frames. Lots more steel downrange on both the rifle and pistol line, with plenty  of long distance gongs at 100 to 300 yards out.

After a great lunch of Roast  Beast Sandwiches at a Bayside  Hofbrau, we repaired to a quaint local meeting place.

An authentic hippie chapel…

We were sure to respect the locals and did not open carry.  But we did get into a wide ranging conversation about our chapter and our thoughts about the LGC in general.  One thing  we all agreed on is, we needed more time to talk! The chapter hopes to plan another event soon to keep the conversation going.

Kudos to all who attended and organized the event! I am sorry if i missed you in the pictures, Next time I hope to be more proactive with the photos and making sure everyone is in the pictures. If you have any questions or comments let me know! cheers!